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City Of Love

City Of Love (Photo credit: clementpetit2)

There are plenty of articles telling you what to do, where to go, and what to buy for Valentine’s Day in Paris. But do you really need help finding something romantic to do in the City of Love? If you’re really in love with each other, then all you need is a good setting for strolling hand-in-hand, a decent bed for the night, and tasty food and wine to keep you fueled in between.

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Spring in Paris | WhyGo Paris

Spring day in the park of Bagatelle, Paris, Fr...

Spring day in the park of Bagatelle, Paris, France. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paris is one of those cities that’s popular year-round, and arguably most popular during the summer (despite the fact that it can get roastingly hot and it feels like every other tourist on the planet is in the city with you). But savvy travelers know that by shifting their trip plans by just a couple months they can experience a city that’s far less crowded, much less sticky-hot, and no less beautiful or charming.

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French married women earn far less than male partners

French women not only earn less than men doing the same job but also considerably less if they are married or living with their male partners.

A study by France’s national statistics institute Insee found that three quarters of the country’s women who had a revenue and were in a relationship earned an average of 42% less than their husbands or boyfriends.


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A beginner’s guide to Franglais | GlobalPost

The good news, at least for people who don’t speak French: You’ll hear lots of English in France. The bad news: You won’t understand it.

It looks like English. It sounds like English. Some of it really is English. But it doesn’t mean what you’d expect it to mean.

If Anglophones love to pilfer from other languages (pilfer: from the Old French pelfrer), the French like to add their own je ne sais quoi. No, really: without some help, you wouldn’t savoir quoi they’re on about.

A beginner’s guide to Franglais | GlobalPost

English: Stop sign in Quebec Français : Pannea...

English: Stop sign in Quebec Français : Panneau arrêt au Québec (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Escargot May Be in Danger

English: Common variety snail Comment by F. We...

English: Common variety snail Comment by F. Welter-Schultes (03.2011): This is a Helix species, but certainly not Helix aspersa (it lacks the characteristic pattern of spots). Without locality it is difficult to say which species it represents. Français : Escargot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snails, one of France’s signature dishes, could be off the menu if the country fails to stem an invasion by a slimy worm from Southeast Asia, scientists warned on Tuesday.

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